Maitland text

A view of the entrance to Kejimkujik National Park, located in Maitland Bridge

About 15 km. north of Caledonia, just past Kempt, you will cross the line and enter Annapolis County and the small community of Maitland Bridge. The fact that Maitland Bridge is in Annapolis County raises the obvious question-- why include it in a description of North Queens? Since Maitland Bridge is quite far away from other places in Annapolis County, they have shopped in North Queens and sent their children to school there. As a result, they have become an important part of the North Queens community.

Maitland Bridge is the gateway to North Queens’ most spectacular and popular tourist attraction– Kejimkujik National Park. As such, Maitland Bridge offers a variety of merchants and accommodations that cater especially to the traveler. In addition, don’t miss the excellent fishing opportunities offered by the beautiful Mersey River, which runs right through the heart of Maitland Bridge.


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